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Design Drafting

 Design Drafting Video

​Tec‐Voc’s Design Drafting program prepares students for careers and college or university training in Drafting, ​Engineering, Manufacturing, Architecture and Interior Design.
Students are exposed to drafting and design practices used in today’s industries using the latest “Computer Assisted Design Drafting” (CADD) software.

Essential Skills:  The drafting, engineering, and architectural professions seek people with: positive attitudes, skills in problem solving and design, math, literacy, communication, team work and computers.

Students have the opportunity to develop these skills in Design Drafting at Tec‐Voc.
Grade 10 (2 Credits) DD000V20
Architectural design and drafting:
  • Students design and create a 3D computer model of a cottage
  • Students produce floor plan and elevation drawings, and a photo realistic image of their cottage design using AutoCAD software
Engineering design and drafting:
  • Students use AutoCAD software when designing and drawing everyday objects
  • Students compete in the Skills Manitoba 2D AutoCAD competition

Grade 10 Optional Course (1 Credit) DFTV2S
Students will be introduced to architectural and engineering design drafting practices. Students will use the design process to design and create  a     computer model of a cottage and gain an understanding of interior design and small house construction processes. Students will produce printed  floor plans, exterior and interior views of their design and photo quality rendered images using AutoCAD and nXt Render software. No prerequisites required.
Grade 11 (4 Credits) DD000V30
Students are introduced to residential architecture and advanced engineering and manufacturing design drafting.
Architectural Design Drafting:
Students’ activities and projects will include:
  • Architectural Design and Presentation Drawing
  • Advanced 2D and 3D CADD Skills
  • Working Drawings of Floor Plans and Elevations
  • Model Construction/F1 in Schools Care Design
  • Skills Manitoba Architectural Design /Drafting Competition
  • Engineering Design Drafting

Students’ activities and projects will include:
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Design, Reengineering, 3D Printing
  • Working and Presentation Drawings for Manufacturing
  • Advanced 2D and 3D CADD Skills using Inventor Software
  • Skills Manitoba Architectural and Mechanical CADD Competitions
  • Cardboard Boat Competition
Grade 12 (4 Credits) DD000V40
The grade 12 courses offer advanced CADD 2D and 3D drawing and design for engineering, architecture, interior design, and manufacturing.
Student activities and projects will include:
  • Architectural Drawings of a House Design
  • Advanced Manufacturing Design, Drawing, and Construction
  • Machine Design and Reengineering Activities
  • Furniture Design
  • Custom Design Drafting School and Community Clients
  • Job Preparation and Work Experience at Local Industries
  • Skills Manitoba Architectural and Mechanical CADD Competitions
All drafting courses are taught using the most current industry standard AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture, Revit Architecture, and  Inventor, CADD software.

We are proud to have a 3D printer, which allows students’ 3D designs to be printed in 3D from ABS plastic material.

Our agreement with Red River College Civil Engineering Technology allows students to obtain credit for many first year courses.


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