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Information Technology

One Vocation…

Two Ways To Specialize

Students in Information Technology specialize in either Networking or Software. 

After sampling Grade 10 courses you will select either …

IT Networking Major

Connecting technology to enable communication

IT Software Major

Developing programs to increase human productivity

Information Technology Studies Course Listings:

informationtechnology.jpgGrade 10      

· Computer Science  20S        
· Hardware & Software Essentials    
· Introduction to Multimedia/Animation

Grade 11   

· Operating Systems                       
· Network Technologies
· Cybersecurity Essentials
· Applied Business Software
· Computer Science Gr. 11
· Multimedia & Animation Fundamentals
· Web Development

Grade 12      

· Advanced Operation Systems
· Advanced Networking Technologies
· Server Administration
· Applied Networking & Cybersecurity
· Advanced Networking
· Computer Science Gr. 12
· Advanced Web Development
· 3D Animation & Character Design 

Grade 10 Courses

Computer Science Gr.  10 (1 Credit) ISTV22
This course provides an introduction to programming fundamentals through video game design.  Students will use multiple different game development environments to learn logical thinking, code reusability and proper decision making structures. Students will be introduced to program design and project management along with tools for independent learning.  This course is a popular choice for all students and is recommended for an IT Software or Networking diploma.

Hardware & Software Essentials (1 Credit) CS103V2S
This course covers the fundamentals of computer hardware and system software, and the responsibilities of an IT professional. It is designed for students who want to pursue careers in IT and to gain practical knowledge of how a computer works. This course is a popular choice for all students and is recommended for an IT Networking or  IT Software diploma.

Introduction to Multimedia/Animation (1 Credit) ISTV23/ISTV24
This course provides students an introduction to the multimedia industry. Students will learn how to plan and create various types of 2D animations. Students will be required to create a storyboard, use a timeline, draw and import objects, and use key frame animation to produce a final project. Students will also explore digital image creation, image enhancement, photograph retouching, and image composition using Adobe Photoshop. This course is a popular choice for all students and an option course for an IT Software diploma. There is no prerequisite for this course.

IT Networking Major

informationtechnology2.jpgOperating Systems (1 Credit) CS104V3S
This course covers the installation, deployment, and troubleshooting of the current Microsoft Desktop Operating system. The hands-on approach will prepare students to face the real life challenges of a desktop technician. This is required for an IT Networking Diploma and there is no prerequisite for this course.

Network Technologies (1 Credit) CS105V3S
The focus of this course is on learning the fundamentals of networking. Students will learn both the practical and conceptual skills that build the foundation for understanding for basic networking. This is required for an IT Networking Diploma and there is no prerequisite for this course.

Cybersecurity Essentials (1 Credit) CS106V3S
The focus of this course is learning the fundamentals of cyber security, focusing on both theory and practice. Students will learn to secure devices, operating systems, networks, including routers and switches, and their associated software. This is required for an IT Networking Diploma and there is no prerequisite for this course.

Advanced Operating Systems (1 Credit) CS107V4S
Linux is a popular operating system in many core areas of business. Students will learn to install, deploy, and troubleshoot Linux as a desktop operating system. To avoid confusion between the many flavors of Linux, students work with the command line to complete the necessary tasks.  This is required for an IT Networking Diploma and there is no prerequisite for this course.

Advanced Networking Technologies (1 Credit) CS108V4S
By the end of this course, students will be able to build simple LANs, perform basic configurations for routers and switches, and implement IP addressing schemes. This is required for an IT Networking Diploma.  The prerequisite for this course is Networking Technologies.

Server Administration (1 Credit) CS109V4S
This course gives students practical experience with Microsoft's server operating system and covers users and permissions, security, and server services such as DNS, DHCP, and Active Directory. Students will develop the knowledge needed to manage servers on small to large networks. This is required for an IT Networking Diploma.  The prequisites for this course are Operating Systems and Network Technologies.

Applied Networking & Cybersecurity (1 Credit) CS111V4S
Students will synthesize and apply knowledge and skills acquired in the previous courses to initiate, complete and document each of the steps involved in the design, installation, configuration, management, securing and troubleshooting of devices, operating systems and applications.  The prequisites for this course are Cybersecurity Essentials and Network Technologies.

IT Software Major

Applied Business Software (1 Credit) ABTR4S
Students explore how computer applications are used in business. The use of spreadsheets, databases, communication packages, computer graphic design programs, online website creation software, presentation programs will be explored. This is a required course for an  IT Software diploma but many students take this course as one of their options.

Computer Science Gr.  11 (1 Credit) ISTV35
The course focuses on problem-solving and the development of solutions to programming problems using Microsoft Visual Studio. Students will construct numerous projects ranging from business software solutions to video game development.  This is an option course available to any student. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Multimedia & Animation Fundamentals (1 Credit) ISTV38/ISTV39
In this course students will learn digital illustration techniques and vector drawing techniques using Adobe Illustrator. Students will produce logos, illustrated characters, and a variety of other vector based projects. Students will also create various motion graphics, 2D animations, games, and presentations using the various Adobe Animation environments. This is an option course available to any student. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Web Development (1 Credit) ISTV31/ISTV32
In this course, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of web design. Students will explore HTML, and CSS coding standards. This course will be project based and is an ideal choice for students wanting to establish a web presence. There is no prerequisite for this course.

Computer Science Gr.  12 (1 Credit) ISTV43
This course builds upon the earlier programming logic and introduces students to new programming languages commonly used in industry and post-secondary. This course is designed to help students prepare themselves for post secondary study in the field of computer science. This course is recognized as a credit towards university entrance. The prerequisite for this course is Grade 10 or 11 Computer Science.

Advanced Web Development (1 Credit) ISTV45
This course explores the development of websites using HTML, CSS, scripting, and database technologies. Students will install, modify and maintain CMS systems. Students will register domains, maintain external web space, and upload a website to the Internet. The prerequisite for this course is Web Development.

3D Animation & Character Design  (1 Credit) ISTV46
Students will be introduced to a 3D image creation and animation environment. Students will explore modeling, lighting, texturing, animation, rendering and using cameras in a 3D environment. Students will be able to use and operate a compositing program along with basic sound editing software. This course is available to all students.

Students must complete 8 courses to receive an IT Diploma

Post-Secondary Program

Post-High Information Technology Program

Network Support Technician 
Target Audience:
18 to 21 year olds who are looking to transition to employment in the IT industry.

Course Details:
This ten month program will provide the adult student with an opportunity to gain skills for direct employment or prepare for further post-secondary studies. Students will become proficient at setting up computer security, mobile devices and network routers.

Program Requirements:

Students must be interested in technology and be a high school graduate. Applications will be available in February and successful applicants will be contacted for a June orientation prior to the September start date. There is no cost for this program for WSD residents.



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