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Professional Photography

Tec-Voc is Canada's largest and oldest Photography School. We have an 8000 square foot, state of the art, photographic facility supported by Professional Photographers of Canada/Manitoba. Tec-Voc also offers a Post High one year certificate program, 8 credits.

 Professional Photography

Grade 10 (2 Credits) PH000V20
Grade 10 introduces students to many basic technical skills and processes. They learn how to operate the latest of digital DSLR cameras. They learn to do accurate exposure readings using different types of light meters. Basic lighting and camera techniques are emphasized in tabletop photography and portraiture assignments. Students are also introduced to Photoshop Basics.

Grade 11 (4 Credits) PH000V30
The course becomes more specialized in grade 11. Students start working full time in the digital world. They are taken to the next level of lighting and camera techniques. They are supplied with professional digital camera equipment and lenses, 15 mm fisheye lens, to macro, to 300 mm. Specialized types of studio lighting are emphasized. Students use 7 fully equipped studios with professional equipment and studio sets. They are taught the principles of design and composition and use many programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS6 professional quality image editor, Final Cut Pro for multimedia programming, and Dreamweaver for website development. Students are encouraged to photograph family and friends.

Grade 12 (4 Credits) PH000V40
In the final year, students continue to refine their skills. Students explore advanced techniques, experimenting and print manipulation. They study creative advanced professional techniques of formal, environmental and fashion portraiture. Heavy emphasis is placed on digital imaging and data management with each student producing a digital multimedia portfolio that showcases his/her best work. Some students spend their final term in a work experience position suited to their specific photography interests.

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