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Dental Technology

A Dental Technologist is a trained specialist who provides a valuable service to dentists, denturists, and other health professionals. A Dental Technologist constructs, fabricates, designs, plans, and manufactures a variety, and range of custom made fixed or removable devices, which the dentist or appropriate clinical professional may prescribe. They also repair, replace, and make alterations to both fixed or removable appliances that may have been broken, chipped, or need adjustment.
This two year program provides the technical training for the fabrication of these appliances.
Practical laboratory work is emphasized to better prepare the student for employment in this profession while offering an authentic approach to learning. With this approach all work is custom made, and requires specialized, integrated equipment, with specific and specialized materials. 
The student receives Dentaltech3.jpginstruction in the following:
• Mouthguards 
• Occlusal Rims 
• Custom Impression Trays 
• Fabrication of Partial Dentures 
• Construction of Complete Dentures 
• Relining & Rebasing Dentures 
• Anatomical Tooth Carving 
• Nightguards (Bruxism Appliances) 
• T.M.J. appliances 
• Model Preparations 
• Crowns And Bridges 
• Gold Inlays & Onlays 
• Porcelain Fused to Metal Substructures 
• Casting Alloys 
• All Ceramic Restorations, Inlays, Onlays, Jackets & Veneers 
• Composite Inlays, Onlays, Jackets & Veneers 
• Cast Partial Designs 
• Orthodontic Appliances 
• Custom Bleaching Trays 
• Anatomy and Physiology 
• Terminology
This course is only available at the grade 11 and 12 levels.

Grade 11

(DETV30) Studies in Dental Technology 31 include a close examination of the oral and cranial anatomy as well as the mechanics and movements of the jaw. A group study into the science of dental materials is also incorporated into this program. A student in the first year will design and fabricate a variety of removable appliances, and a variety of orthodontic appliances. These can include dentures, retainers, mouthguards, and partial dentures. A course applicant must have completed Senior 2 and have a high degree of manual dexterity.  4 Credits 

Grade 12 

(DETV40) Dental Technology 41 extends to the advanced levels including studies into specific oral anatomy and the function and morphology of teeth, an introduction into the field of Metallurgy is also explored in this program. This program includes the study and the mechanics behind fixed restorations, this includes crowns, bridges, all ceramic restorations and a practical look at implants and attachments. Cosmetic Dentistry is explored to better prepare students as technologists in the future of esthetics. Students are also trained on the latest CAD/CAM technology. The advanced study of Dental Materials is also incorporated into this program. 4 Credits 

Dental Technology Opportunities 

Graduates can look forward to employment in or as specialized Technologists within:
Fixed Restorations: A fixed dental restoration is an appliance designed to replace a tooth or teeth that may have been lost or damaged by injury, carries or other oral diseases. These restorations are distinguished from other restorations by the fact that once they have been placed by a dentist the patient cannot remove them. Such Restorations include; Crowns, bridges, 
veneers, fixed implant restorations, inlays, onlays, and CAD/ CAM technology. 
Removable Restorations: Removable restorations are dental appliances to replace one or more teeth that have been completely lost. These restorations ideally remain stable in normal function but can be removed by the patient for cleaning and at night. Removable restorations are either retained by the patient’s soft tissue as in full dentures, supported by other teeth as with partial dentures and overdentures or on implant attachments as with implant retained overdentures and partial dentures. 
Maxillofacial: Maxillofacial dental technologist mostly work with Oral and maxillofacial surgeons and make prosthesis for the face and eyes. 
Orthodontics: Orthodontic technologist make removable orthodontic appliances with wires, springs and screws on prescription from and Orthodontist to either move teeth to form a more harmonious occlusion and aesthetic appearance of teeth or to maintain the position of previously moved teeth. 

Possible Employment Opportunities:

• Dental Offices with Laboratories 
• Denturist Clinic’s 
• Dental Laboratories
• Dental Distributors 
• Dental Sales 
• Dental Research and Development 
• Medical Establishments 
• Materials Research and Development 
• Dental Education and Training 
Graduates have also used the skills learned in this program to further their education in the fields of a Denturist or Dentist. This is the only high school program of its kind in Canada and is accredited with The Manitoba Dental Technologist Association. Practical work experience within a Dental laboratory or Dental office is offered at the Grade 12 level.

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