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Are you interested in advertising? Do you have creative ability or artistic talent? The Advertising course is the place to start. Over the three years, you will explore and practice techniques and skills needed to design and produce artwork for commercial purposes. This includes a variety of print media such as newspapers, magazines, signage, logos, displays, promotional pieces and corporate identity. 
Today’s designers conceptualize and produce graphic art and visual materials to effectively communicate information for publications, advertising, packaging, and electronic media. The Advertising curriculum invites students to create projects based on employment expectations. 

promoimage1.jpgTopics include:
  • Principles of design
  • Advertising procedure
  • Drawing techniques & tools
  • Layout fundamentals
  • Digital production
  • Typography/lettering
  • Client relations and case studies
  • Media awareness

Grade 10

(ADAV20) The first year will introduce students to drawing and design. Students will use a variety of drawing materials and tools and practice with different techniques and mediums. Main topics include colour theory, lettering basics and layout. Advertising procedure and theories will be examined. 2 Credits 

Grade 11

(ADAV30) The second year will build on design basics and move into more complex projects in advertising layout, typography and computer applications. The school yearbook will be an important focus. 3 Credits 

Grade 12

(ADAV40) The third year will develop skills to a professional level in the areas of graphic design and print communications. Topics include full advertising campaigns, non-print design, and newspaper layout and production; as well as the opportunity for work experience. 3 Credits 

In order to receive an Advertising diploma, a student must complete the 8 credits AND meet the provincial requirements for a high school diploma. With the training you receive in Advertising, you are well prepared to go on to a technical college or a university fine arts program. 

Advertising Opportunities

Students may also apply for an entry-level position at these types
of businesses:
  • Signage companies
  • Newspapers & magazines
  • Publishing companies
  • Printing & pre-press facilities
  • Corporate art departments
  • Packaging facilities 

Tec-Voc strongly recommends that an Advertising student pursue the Dual Diploma. This allows students to be enrolled in a technical vocational program as well as university entrance courses. The visual communications industry is competitive and most employers require a college diploma in graphic design or a university degree in visual arts with specialization in graphic design, advertising, or graphic communications. It is advised that students entering into this program also take Photography or Media Arts as a second vocation in grade 9 and 10 as these programs enhance your portfolio for collage. Grade 12 student must build a web bases portfolio and it is strongly recommended that they take WEB DEVELOPMENT (ISTV31/ISTV32) in grade 11 so that they are able to take their web site.
For more information about the Advertising program at Tec-Voc please contact:
Grade 9 Advertising Teacher - Carey Lauder
Grade 10 Advertising Teacher - Megan Thom
Grade 11, 12 and Post High Teacher - Trish Goldrup

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