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Anywhere Anytime Learning

Remote Learning - January 4th to 15th

As per the announcement from MB Education regarding remote learning, we will be Remote Learning immediately after the winter break, from January 4th to 15th.  Teachers have been diligently working with students for the past several weeks to support their understanding of how to access remote learning and what will be expected of them.

All students are expected to attend virtual school every day during the remote learning period and to follow their timetable by logging into Google Classroom each period they have a class, each day.  Classes will be in session, either as synchronous learning (direct contact with teacher) or as asynchronous learning (independent of teacher).   Attendance will be taken during each period, everyday and students are expected to connect with their teacher during each class.

Please note that the timetable follows the pattern A, B, C, D, E on days 1, 3 and 5 and D, E, C, A and B on days 2, 4 and 6. Please see attached calendar. Please see the attached timetable:  Tec-Voc Timetable.jpg

Synchronous Learning may include virtual classroom interaction on MS Teams, Google Meets, or WSD Livestreaming/Concurrent Classroom.  This may be whole class, small group or individual instruction and student should expect daily check-ins with each of their teachers each day.

Asynchronous Learning may include projects, learning activities, worksheets, reading, writing, viewing, responding to pre-recorded videos and project-based learning.

Student Expectations:

  • Students will attend each period of each day by following their timetables and the communication platform the teacher is using.  In most cases, this will be Google Classroom.  Students have been introduced and taught how to access remote learning.
  • Students will complete all assigned work.
  • Students will use the synchronous learning time to ask questions and clarify understanding.  Teachers will respond to email during school hours.
  • Student grades may increase, decrease or remain constant depending on evidence of learning outcomes.  Unlike during the emergency remote learning in the spring, marking will continue.
  • Students are expected to be respectful digital citizens.

Social-Emotional support provided by our guidance department and CSS team will be available as needed. Please contact the school guidance office to make a virtual appointment if necessary.

Please refer to the WSD Parent Guide as well for information for parents.

Online Teaching Platforms

In order to facilitate a blended learning environment, Tec-Voc teachers are using a variety of platforms to deliver material online.  Please select the link below to view the different platform being used.  Students will already have access to these online platforms. If a student does not have access please email the teacher.

Click here to view:  Listing of Online Learning Platforms By Teacher and Course.

Technical Support for WSD1 Devices:

Families requiring technical support for the WSD device they have borrowed from their child's school, please contact the support desk by email: or by calling 204-775-0231 EXT 534.

Technology Tutorials:

The following tutorials related to using technology are available for students:

Student Email:

Google Suite:

Video Conferencing

Microsoft Suite

Guidance Resources

Our guidance team has put together a listing of resources to help students during remote learning:

Parents Guide to Remote Learning



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