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Graduation 2018

The 2017 Convocation ceremony occurred on Thursday June 29th at 7pm at the Duckworth Centre on the University of Winnipeg campus.

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Grad Video 2018

Valedictorian Speech - Caesy Tumambing


Good evening my fellow graduates, family, guests, faculty and teachers. Before I start, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone sitting here tonight for giving me the honour to speak in front of you as your class of 2018 valedictorian. The moment I stepped through the doors of Tec-Voc High School, I only dreamed of standing here on this podium, to represent my graduating class .. and now here I am, here w e are, dressed in green and gold, sitting in alphabetical order, ready to move on to the next chapter of our lives! We've learned a lot throughout these 3-4 years at Tec Voc. Ms. Goldfeld taught us how to graph a sinusoidal function. Mrs. Kyzswisko taught us how to balance chemical equations.

About 3 years ago, I and many of the graduates here started our first day of highschool. We were nervous sophomores who stuck with our middle school buddies, too scared to reach out to other groups. Inevitably, we started to branch out. Some of us joined sports, clubs, we participated in multiple vocations and ultimately met new people. Some of those people we're still close to today. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that a lot of people in my vocation have become some of my closest friends. Tec Voc has given us the knowledge we need to move forward in life. Whether you're going straight into a job your work experience offered, going into post-secondary, or hell maybe you're not sure what you're doing after high school, we can look back at our years in this school with bittersweet feelings. On one hand you're finally leaving this building associated with waking up early, tests, grades, and due dates that felt like they all fell on the same day… but on the other you're leaving a safe space, a place where you see your friends, where you've spent almost all of your teenage years, maybe it even felt like a second home. Today you may feel a sense of relief.. But you might also feel some sadness. And that's okay too.

Throughout my years at Tec-Voc, I've learned many lessons in and out of the classroom. More specifically, I learned a lot about myself on the court. Since grade 10, I was on the school's volleyball team. This year, our varsity team was coached by Ms. Bouchard, and Mrs. Melnyk, who you wouldn't believe, kept coaching us 8 months into her pregnancy! Although we didn't get too far up the ranks, I had so much fun being a part of that team. Knowing that that was the last high school sports team I would've been in though, it was hard.. I heard one of my teammates on the way home from a tough game say this once; never let the fear of getting blocked keep you from swinging. And although it's a little cheesy, I think this saying can translate to a life lesson as well. To not let the fear of failure keep you from success. Maybe I learned that a little late into the season, but it's a lesson I'll remember for a long time. And I  think this should apply to everyone too.

Before I leave this stage, I'd like to give a huge thank you to my parents. Without their continued support in everything I do, I wouldn't be here standing in front of you all.. I'd also like to thank my vocation teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Goldrup, for pushing me to do my very best at everything I do. Seriously, they're like a second set of parents and I don't know how my high school life would've been without them. I'd also like to make a personal thank you to all the teachers here at Tec-Voc.. We students don't appreciate the fact that you guys don't get to leave right at 330 like we do. So thank you for supporting us. I know there are a couple students who wouldn't have gotten up to this point without your support. I'd also like to congratulate our very own principal, Mr. Crook for retiring after almost 20 years! Congratulations again. I know you'll miss our school just as much as we will.

Finally, congratulations to my fellow graduates. At one point I thought this day would never come. But now that I'm here, I wonder where all that time went. This moment was a long time coming but I hope you're all glad to finally be here. Our struggles and efforts have final paid off… and we did it. Thank you everyone, have a good night !!

Student Address - Mr. Gordon Crook


Tom Landsborough       
Simon Webb              
Justine Gallardo
Nick Jakimec   
Michael Wagner               
Tansea Scarrett
Shawn Kozarchuk           
Paige Pooley                      
Heather Brooks-Smith
Bridget Young                  
Charmaine Sancho          
Michael Cameron
Sappfyre Macleod           
Karolina Gustowski        
Justin Chernetski
Matthew Koshelanyk     
Colin James Denike         
Alyza Navidad 

Eighteen years      
Eighteen graduates.                    
Eighteen Hornets!

I am thankful for having enjoyed their company, their gifts to me and their contributions as exceptional Hornets!

In all over there are over 4000 Hornets to whom I am thankful for positively impacting my life as principal as they enjoyed, excelled and graduated from Tec-Voc in my 18 years as principal.

To the graduates of 2018, my final class, gratitude is an important virtue and an important act.  Over the past three weeks I have been the recipient of much gratitude and have also shared my gratitude with others.  Without doubt the two most significant expressions of gratitude that I have experienced over the past three weeks of my retirement journey were the thanks from the Performing Arts students on the stage in the theatre after the Spring Showcase and the spontaneous and sustained standing ovation which I received from Hornet athletes at their recognition banquet.   Thank you Hornets.

Graduates demonstrate your gratitude to those who have helped you get to this point of successfully completing your high school education.  Thank your mother, your father, your siblings, your family members, your good friends, your current and former teachers, other adults who have impacted on your accomplishment., everyone.  Be thankful and express your thanks.  Many of you will already be doing this later as you walk across the stage to receive your diploma.  Do not stop now.  Never stop being grateful.  Not now.  Not for the remainder of your life.

I leave you with this concept of lifelong gratitude and two words to live out your life, Question Authority.

Class off 2018 the night and the future are yours!


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