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Graduation 2014


We'd like to wish all our 2014 graduates luck in the future. Remember you will always be a Hornet!


​Valedictorian Speech - Dennise Dominguez

Good evening families, friends, students and staff of Tec-Voc High School.  It is truly an honou​r for me to speak tonight on behalf of my fellow graduates.  I’d like to start off by saying that you can’t graduate from Tec-Voc if you’ve never taken a bite out of one of Mr. Willerton’s buns.  Pizza buns that is!

Three to four years ago, we all graduated from our middle schools.  These schools became our second home and suddenly leaving them was a major adjustment.  I graduated from Cecil Rhodes School and for me, leaving Cecil was very difficult.  Now, leaving Tec-Voc brings tears to my eyes.  

The many memories we’ve made and shared here at Tec-Voc are treasure that we will have forever.  As Hornets we’ve triumphed together, supporting each other at our WIT tournaments, Skills competitions, karaoke at lunch or even dance rallies; and really, aren’t we glad to see our teachers dance and sing only once a year?

During my past two years at Tec, I spent most of my time in Dental Technology.  Something precious that I learned was that we help to rebuild smiles on the faces of our patients.  What a pleasure that tonight we see only smiling faces.

Taking a look at where we stand now proves that we have prepared ourselves; we are ready to receive the diplomas we deserve and discover the real possibilities of our futures.

Let’s think back a little to what seemed to be the most important test of our high school careers.  Take a guess.  Do any of you remember?  It was our driver’s written test!  Remember studying all those signs? We couldn’t wait to see the results at the end of the test.  To those who have gone ahead and hit the roads, stay motivated!  To those who haven’t, a vehicle isn’t the only thing you can drive.  Think of your life as a vehicle itself, a model of its own kind.  As the driver, you choose the path to take.  We’ve all taken different paths and ended up here today.  Should we press the brake now, or step on the gas pedal to go a little farther?

The challenges and hardships that are heaved in our direction can help us reach our endpoint.  Some would say how fortunate we are to be here.  What we take for granted is what others long for.  During times like these just take a deep breath, put yourselves into drive and keep in mind that life only moves forward, never back; life is a vehicle that you cannot shift into reverse.  Push forward, prosperity awaits you.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple,” as Dr. Seuss once said.  I challenge each and everyone one of us to find the simplicity in what is complex; to find the answers to our very own questions.  I challenge you to be a supporter today and to become a leader tomorrow.

Mark this day, June 26th, 2014; some may see it as an ending, but I see it as an opportunity.  An opportunity to set ourselves goals that make us stretch in order to reach them.  An opportunity to take notice of our true potential and envision how much we have to give.  

At this time I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude towards my parents: You have shown me the love and happiness every child needs.  To my teachers: You have taught me values that I will never forget.  And to my friends: Your company is more than appreciated.  You have all been such wonderful inspirations to me, as have my fellow Hornets.  To all of you gathered here tonight, thank you for sharing these special moments with the graduating class of 2014.  I wish all the graduates the very best and success in life and as we leave today may we remember to think green, act gold, and always be a Hornet!

Thank you!




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