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Graduation 2015



Graduation 2015​


​​​Valedictorian Speech - Allyn Santos​

Good evening friends, family, faculty members, and guest speakers. On behalf of the graduating class, I would like to thank everyone for being here to witness one of the greatest milestones of our lives to date.


Throughout our years at Tec Voc, we would always hear the phrase Think green, act gold, be a hornetBut, lets be honest here. Half of us have stillno idea what our motto is supposed to mean. When I started at Tec Voc, I honestly thought that it was a phrase to promote recycling. The motto never made sense to a lot of us, but after really thinking about it, I finally understand what the true meaning is.


Green is the colour of growth, self-respect, and wellbeing. It represents the freedom to pursue new ideas. To think green means to be open to everything life will throw at us; to keep a level head in every situation, and to care not only for your wellbeing, but for others as well.


Gold represents success, achievement, sophistication, and value. The colour gold adds warmth and richness to everything its associated with; it enhances the things around it. To act gold means to strive for success; to stay humble with every achievement, and more importantly, to stay true to ourselves and our beliefs; to be the best person we can be.


Speaking of being the best we can be, our graduating class has made many achievements throughout the school year. I mean, what other graduating class has had both their varsity basketball teams make the championships,and had a full gym cheering them on? Which graduating class has had such talented DTC dancers, that it terrified the teachers into rigging the dance rally? Our broadcasting duo not only brought home the gold at Skills Manitoba, but took first place at the nation-wide competition at Skills Canada. And to top that off, they received the highest ranking regional score within theentire province. And Im not being biased here, but Gaston, Beast and Lumiere in this years musical were by far the best performers Ive seen during my years at Tec Voc.


Our school has made countless achievements this year, and none of it would have been possible without our teachers, coaches, counsellors, and faculty members. But, with respect to all teaching staff, I believe that skills we will use in life cannot be found within the high school curriculum. Many of the things we have learned during the past years came from the wisdom, support, and advice given to us by teachers and counsellors. I can guarantee that you will never find a staff as encouraging, understanding, and as supportive as the ones we have at Tec Voc. On behalf of each graduating student, I would like to thank every single staff member for helping us to grow into the amazing, intelligent and skilled young adults we are today.


Graduates, look to the left of you. And now to the right. Whether the person sitting next to you will be leaving with an academic, vocational, or dual diploma, that person holds a different, but nonetheless amazing talent. What separates us from all the other graduates in our city, is that we will be graduating with not only a diploma, but with the skills that only Tec Voc can provide.


As we leave the place that has sheltered us these past years, we will be entering a world of greater responsibilities. Everything we do will require practice and patience. Bob Ross once said, Talent is a pursued interest. Anything that you are willing practice, you can do. No matter what we decide to do with our lives, the fact that it will require a great amount work is inevitable. But, with the right state of mind, and with the support we have given one another, anything that we want to achieve is possible.


When we were new to the school, it felt as if our graduation would be years away. And now that the day has finally come, its hard to believe that were moving onto the next chapter of our lives. Im sure many of you shared that uneasy feeling on our first day of high school; when you had no idea where your next classroom would be, when you were looking for Mr. Wintersscience class, and realized you were in the wrong science wing, or how you panicked when you saw your friends’ timetable, and realized you had no classes with them. I dont know about any of you, but that uneasy feeling I had on our very first day has come back on the day that we sa

y goodbye.


The moment our name is called upon this stage to receive our diploma should be one of the happiest moments of our lives. But, knowing that we wont be receiving a timetable later in August, and knowing that we won't be seeing another ridiculous dance rally gives me a bittersweet feeling. I always thought that receiving our diplomas meant that the weight of high school would finally be lifted off our shoulders. But once the thought of high school is off our backs, a bigger, heavier weight will be placed upon our shoulders. This time, instead of being filled with provincial exams and assignments, it will be piled with the stress of university, college, careers, and so much more.


Although we have a lot to stress about later in the future, we also have a lot to look forward to. Well be discovering ourselves and new abilities as post-secondary students, well have more time in our day to do what we couldnt in high school, and if you plan on working full time, youll be able to look forward to those bigger pay cheques.


Before I hand over the microphone, I would like to give a special thank you to my support system. Thank you mom and dad, for all your love and encouragement. My sister and her boyfriend, for acting as a second set of parent. My brother Paul, and boyfriend Paul - who are two different people, by the way - and the rest of my ridiculously loud, and amazing family.

Each of us has the potential to achieve what we want in life. We decide how our talents will bestowed upon the world. As we carry on with the rest of the evening, I would like to leave my fellow graduates with a few words of advice. Remember to thank those who were there for you from the beginning, and those who will be there until the end. And most importantly,always remember to think green, act gold, and to be a hornet.




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