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Aquaponics Growing and Learning Centre

Culinary Art program of Tec Voc High School and Urban Eatin' Landscapes introduce 'Aquaponics Growing and Learning centre' to its students to promote sustainability.

Tec-Voc students from electrical, welding, graphic designing, science helped the culinary arts team to assemble the system.

The Aquaponics Growing and Learning Centre is a fish and plant growing system that uses recycled water and fish excrement to nourish the growing plants. This system uses a fraction of the... water used in a typical greenhouse operation to grow the same quantity of produce. In addition, it offers an aesthetically pleasing and calming environment as students enjoy observing the fish that grow within the system.

This innovative project is a cross-curricular opportunity for students to link their learning in Geography (natural resources, climate, food from the land) to Science (life cycle, water cycle, weather, ecosystems). The produce grown will be used in daily culinary productions, the lunch program and the foods program.  Departments involved were Culinary Arts, Drafting, Building Construction, Welding, Child Care, Foods and Nutrition, Automotive Technology, Graphic Arts, Geography, and Science.

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