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Germany Trip 2018

During Spring Break, seventeen Tec Voc students, a teacher, and the vice principal, travelled overseas to take in the sights, sounds and culture in Northern Germany and Holland.  Their adventure included seeing parts of Berlin, Wolfsburg, Hamburg, Germany, and Amsterdam, Holland. 

"In Germany, the experience was very rewarding. It's nice to see how different the perspective is especially when it comes to World War II," said teacher and trip organizer, Ryan Desjarlais. They also visited the concentration camp, Neuengamme, which was educating but also something the students found very hard to experience. "It was just a very gruesome, saddening place to see how humans can treat other humans." Desjarlais says. 


Even with the time zone change, adjusting to the new environment wasn't a difficult thing because "Northern Germany looks exactly like southern Manitoba," and "Berlin as a very spread out Winnipeg," added Emily Donato.  Donato, currently in grade 11 says her favourite place to visit was Amsterdam for its architecture. "Amsterdam's architecture survived most of the World War and even their canals are holding up after so many years."

Desjarlais says, "The only thing that was foreign to us was the Volkswagen Production plant. That was ultra-modern and ultra-Germany." 

With the free time travelling between cities, many students got to know each other a bit better which Donato says was a bonus, "I now know some great people that go to Tec that I've never seen before." 

Students also had the opportunity to explore the cities by themselves. It taught students survival skills such as communication and navigation. This trip also gave students a sense of responsibility and independence in the safety net of being on a school trip. 

The next school trip being planned is to Japan in 2019, and then Costa Rica in 2020.  More information can be found in room 307.

By Brittany Clemons 


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