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2012-2013 Highlights

Room 13

Grade 1

Room 13 read Robert Munsch books to discover which of his books was there favorite!  They loved so many of them they had to make a movie about it.
Room 12
Grade 1
We have had a month full of learning and fun! The children have been learning about maps. They observed a variety of maps and had the opportunity to create maps of their own days after looking at the book “My Map Book” by Sara Fanelli.
Using an inquiry approach to learning about maps the grade 1 students in room 12 were inspired to make thier own maps after reading a book by Sarah Fanelli called MY MAP BOOK.  These pictures reflect their art inquiry called "A Map of My Day."  The students planned out their day, then painted and collaged words and images to tell their own story.  
Room 15
Grade 2
Dance, Dance, Dance!!
Children are learning about animals by exploring their bodies through dance. We explore shapes and dimensions with our bodies. It is great fun and great exercise too!

Room 17
Grade 4
Room 17 engaged in an inquiry journey to learn more about the history of Manitoba.  They asked questions, went on field trips and read many books.  They gathered information and learned all they could. Then they made new connections and continued to ask questions and look for new answers. Now they are in the process of creating ways to show the information they learned. 
Room 18
Grade 5
​Room 19

Grade 6

Sharing What We Learn and Learning From Each Other


Room 19 students have completed a study of the Solar System. They have been reading and writing about space for a month! Each student researched answers to the questions they had about a space related topic. They learned to create a bibliography of the sources they used to find their answers.  The students also learned from each other as they proudly presented their projects to the whole class.


 Room 20

Grade 6

Using the inquiry process the grade 6 students learned about the solar system.  In the following pictures the students are gathering information to help answer some of the questions they were wondering.  



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