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2018 School Musical "Rats"





At Ecole Victoria Albert School, students from N/K to Grade 6 participate in our Music program.

The music program has many different aspects. Students in the early years learn to find their singing voice, and we continue throughout the grades to practice singing both in choir and in the classroom.

Students also learn to play instruments like xylophones, drums and recorders. These instruments facilitate learning the foundation of music; notes, rhythms, and melody.

Students are also challenged to be creative, whether it be improvising a melody on the xylophone or recorder, or adding creative instrumental accompaniment to a poem or a story.

Learning the culture of music whether it be symphony music, learning folk songs from another country, singing modern pop songs, or formal choral music.​

May 2013


The music room has been very busy lately! Our Symphony Concert and Symphony Choir are finished, and now we have begun Honor Choir. Honor Choir is a group of approximately 80 students who come from different schools throughout the Inner City. We meet on Wednesdays after school at École Victoria Albert School to learn 6 songs to perform at a concert on May 16th along with 3 other choirs. Congratulations to Mon, Dee, Raven, Autumn, Ariana, Marielle and Venice who will represent our school at the concert.

In the meantime, our primary classrooms have been composing songs about spring, writing the words, rhythm and melody. Next we will learn to play the melodies on the xylophones. The grade 4’s and 5’s have been busy learning note reading and sight reading on the recorder, and the grade 6’s have been working on making their own music video. The process has made for some pretty funny photos.


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