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​Room 211

Welcome to EAL at Wellington School!  The following is a program of what is taught in the EAL classroom. Please refer to this for reference throughout the year. 
English Language Arts
The EAL program at Wellington School will focus on the above six areas to help with English language development.  These outcomes are from the Manitoba Provincial Curriculum and incorporate both the English Language Arts and EAL curriculum.  Students will practice these outcomes on a daily basis through various activities.  Students will also have the opportunity to practice these skills through a dual-language approach to help with their transition in learning English.
Students will practice using mental math strategies individually and in peer groups.  They will practice place value, addition, subtractions, multiplication, division, fractions, and shapes.  Students will use these math strategies to solve practical mathematical problems and will communicate their understanding through pictures and discussing their math ideas with classmates.
Social Studies
The Social Studies program in the EAL program will focus on themes rather than grade specific outcomes.  These themes correspond with the Manitoba curriculum and include various topics. These topics will be integrated into the English Language Arts program and other subject areas.
Similar to Social Studies, students will learn about various Science topics from the Manitoba Curriculum.   Students will have the opportunity to participate in discussions, activities and experiments relating to each Science cluster
EAL—Room 211
CanadaThe World

The Environment


General Skills and Competencies

Nature of Science and TechnologyScience, Technology, Society, and EnvironmentScientific and Technological Skills and AttitudesEssential Science Knowledge Unifying                  Concepts
Students will learn about nutrition and healthy lifestyles, as well as friendship and safety.  Each month students will learn about being a good citizen through the Sacred Seven Teachings.  These teachings include: love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, and truth.


All students have received their Code of Conduct expectations and parents will have gone through the pamphlet with them.  We expect students at Wellington to be at their best every day and to be respectful of others in school. 


Regular attendance is extremely important to your child's learning.  Please make sure he/she attends every day.  If your child is ill, please call the office at 204-774-8085 to let the school know.

Field Trips/Volunteering

Students will be going on field trips throughout the year. A permission slip will be sent home prior to any field trip with all of the particulars. If you are planning to volunteer for a field trip, please fill out a volunteer form in the Family Room.



1.   Healthy Choices  

· Walk or bike to school with your children if you can!

· Make healthy eating choices; healthy food helps students to think and learn.

2. Reading/Writing Connection

· Read with your child every day.  Listen to your child read.  Read to your child. 

· Talk about books, make connections to stories and writing.

3. Math is Developmental

· Play math games, have FUN!! (Counting, playing cards, number puzzles, chess, checkers, cribbage, etc.)

· Help your child develop their understanding of numbers.

 4. Let's Communicate!

· Always call the office at 204-774-8085 if your child will be away for any reason (i.e..

   Sick, appointment, going out of town).

· Talk to your child's teacher if you have concerns.

· Empty backpacks every day, read notes and return permission forms.


Thanks for your support!




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