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Mr. Jay's Kindergarten

Full day ESY Kindergarten at William Whyte

Early School Years program offers 3 main focuses:

This full day program offers Kindergarten students the opportunity to stay at school just as they will experience as they enter grade one.  Lunch program is available to parents who are working or going to school.

In room 103 we are curious, active learners where we use playful exploration to make meaningful connections with the curriculum and the real world.

Students often remind me:

I am only 5. I might turn 6, but I am still young. Let me be little.

I cannot sit down criss-cross or in a chair for very long. Please let me move.

I am learning the best I can. I might not be ready to read or write so much yet, but I am trying. Pushing me to go further and further will not help if I am not ready.

I need to play. For more than just recess. Please let me play.

I miss my parents sometimes. Please comfort me when I do.

Social and Emotional Development:
We provide opportunities and ongoing support for children to explore how their emotions can influence their behaviours as well as time to develop social skills required to interact with others in a positive way.

Language Development:
The ability to effectively communicate with others supports both a child’s social and academic development. 

Parental Involvement:
Parents are a child’s first and best teacher.  They are the most powerful influence in a young child’s development and are invited throughout the year to participate in different learning activities. 

I don’t always understand why I have to share or follow directions. Please be patient with me while I am learning. I may have not been to any school before now.

You may be my first school teacher. You are special to me and I look up to you. Please set a good example and care for me in return.

I like to sing, run, jump, play, and move. Please let me learn this way sometimes.

I am curious about so many things. Let me ask questions, even if I ask them a lot. I am just curious. After all, I am only 5.






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