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Mrs. Prabha's Grade 4

Course Outline:

* Enough sleep and a healthy breakfast help students focus better in school and accomplish more. There is a free breakfast program available for students. 

* Students need to be at school on time every day so they can have more instruction/learning time. 

* A positive attitude towards learning is important for student success. 

* Students are encouraged to be KIND at school. 

K: Keep my hands and feet to myself 

I: I am a learner 

N: Nurture myself, others and my environment 

D: Do my best 

* Students need to be dressed appropriately for the class and the weather. They need outdoor footwear and indoor shoes for the gym. 


* Six Traits of Writing (Ideas, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, Voice, and Conventions) 

* Narrative, Informative and Persuasive Writing 

* Guided Reading, Read to self, Reading with a partner 

* CAFÉ (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary) 

* Making words/word work 


* Number (Describe, Compare and Order, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Mental math strategies, Fractions and Decimals) 

* Patterns and Relations (Patterns, Variables, Equations) 

* Shape and Space (Measurement, 3 D Objects and 2 D Shapes) 

* Statistics and Probability (Data Analysis) 


Habitats and Communities Light Sound Rocks, Minerals and Erosion 

Social Studies: 

Geography of Canada Living in Canada Living in Manitoba 

Health: Healthy living related to personal health practices, active living and healthy nutritional practices. 

Second Step (Social Skills): Empathy and respect, Listening with Attention, Being Assertive, Respecting Similarities and Differences, Understanding Complex Feelings, Understanding Different Perspectives, Conversation and Compliments, Joining in, Showing Compassion, Introducing Emotion Management, Managing Strong Feelings, Calming Down Anger, Managing Anxiety, Avoiding Jumping to Conclusions, Handling Put-Downs, Solving Problems, Making a Plan, Solving Playground Problems, Taking Responsibility for Your Actions, Dealing with Peer Pressure and Reviewing skills.


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