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Graduation 2018

Our graduation ceremony for the 2017-2018 school year takes place on Friday, June 29th, 2018, at the Duckworth Centre of the University of Winnipeg. Graduates must arrive by 9:00. The ceremony begins at 10:00.  Scroll down this page for some frequently asked questions.

Click here to request the photo that was taken of you receiving your diploma/award at the ceremony.



Location – Graduation is held at Duckworth Centre (Wesman Gymnasium), located at 400 Spence Street on June 29, 2018.  Google map below:

Parking – Parking at Duckworth Centre is extremely limited (and is usually used up by grad organizers very early in the morning).  You can try your luck on the streets, or you can park at Portage Place Mall or at the school (if spots are available).  Duckworth Centre is a short walk from bus stops on Portage Avenue – and many buses come right to U of W.

Punctuality – It is very important that you (and your guests) arrive early (9:00 am.) to the ceremony to allow time to put on caps and gowns (if applicable) and be marshalled.  If you are late you will need to be brought into the gymnasium after the ceremony has started – this is distracting for the participants and it becomes difficult for the organizers to know to read your name and have your diploma ready.  To ensure that there are no mistakes in your special day, please arrive on time.

Door to Use – Grads and their friends and family should enter through the door on the Spence Street side of the building (close to Ellice and Spence).

Daycare – There is no daycare provided for student’s children (other than for Adolescent Parent Centre graduates).  The ceremony usually takes approximately two hours – make sure to bring water and quiet activities for children in the audience.

Valuables and Clothing Choice – There is no area at the venue to store valuables or excess garments (like coats).  If you have nobody to leave these items with, then avoid bringing them.  You may also want to dress in light clothing as it can get quite warm under your gown and stole.

Check-In – All graduates are asked to check-in immediately upon arrival.  The Check-In desk is located on the second floor. WAEC staff members will be at the Spence Street door to direct the graduates. Checking in confirms you are present – which insures that your name will be read and a diploma available for you on the stage (KEEP YOUR CARD).  At this time you will receive a number used for marshalling (see ‘marshalling’ section below)

Caps / Gowns – These are provided by the school but must be ordered in advance.  Your caps and gowns will be waiting for you in the marshalling area (upstairs).  Just tell the people manning the desk your name, and they will retrieve the proper gown.  There are no extra gowns – if you did not order a gown you will not receive a gown.  The cut off date for gown orders is May 31st.  See Donna in Guidance office

Marshalling – This is the process of lining up the graduates in alphabetical order to prepare for entry to the ceremony.  It is important that you are in the correct location in line as this is the order that you will be called up to the stage to receive your diploma.  Marshalling begins 10 minutes before the ceremony upstairs in the area of the RecPlex where you received your cap and gown.  After everyone is marshalled you will begin the procession into the ceremony.

Entrance – When you enter you will be directed by ushers into the appropriate seats.  The ushers know how many people to put in a row so that everyone will fit, so follow their instructions.  Move down the row as far as you can and have a seat.



Stay seated – If your name is Aaron A. Aanderson or Zuzu Zubar, you will have quite a wait.  ‘Aaron’ will receive their diploma first, and ‘Zuzu’ will receive their diploma last.  We ask that after you receive your diploma you move back to your seat and remain seated throughout the rest of the ceremony out of respect for the other graduates.  If you do need to leave the sanctuary for any reason you will of course be allowed to do so, but please leave and return as quietly as possible – and not in large groups.  You will have a chance for pictures with your friends, on the stage and outside with your gown after the ceremony is completed.

Remain Quiet – As well as staying seated, please try to remain as quiet as possible.  This is your special day – but it is important to remember that this is a special day for the people around you as well.  Please show respect by allowing everyone the opportunity to hear the proceedings.

Pictures – When you receive your diploma, there will be a brief opportunity for your family to take pictures at this point.  If you want more pictures on the stage or with a presenter, there will be ample time once the ceremony has completed.



Reception – When the ceremony is finished, there will be a catered reception.  The master of ceremonies will direct everyone to the correct location at the end of the grad.  There will be sandwiches and refreshments.

Return Gown – After the ceremony, you are welcome to wear your gown for pictures in and around the area.  When you are finished with your gown you return your gown and stole (not the mortarboard and tassel) to the gown return table, located where you picked up your cap and gown.  You get to keep the hat and tassel as souvenirs.  The gowns need to be returned that day, so we ask that you return the gown within 30 minutes after the end of the ceremony.

Report Cards – Your diploma envelope also contains transcripts of your grades, if needed.  If you would also like your report card you can check with the office at the school after the first week of July.


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