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Persuasive Essay – Why Should You Come to Tec Voc

Many people think that they have a lot of time, but time passes in a blink of an eye. For those searching to get involved in the community and opportunities you only get once in a lifetime, coming to Tec Voc is the best choice one could make. From aerospace to graphical communications, Technical Vocational High School offers students courses related to engineering, creative arts, and many more. In addition, the school gives students an easier time by helping them with resumes and job findings. Tec Voc also has a variety of clubs and special interest groups open to students who are interested.

Unlike many other high schools in Winnipeg, Tec Voc High School has a selection of 19 vocations that students could enroll into. The most popular types lie in the engineering and creative arts courses. The types of courses that the school offers in the engineering area include aerospace, welding, carpentry, automotive, design drafting, and many more. Featured in the school's handbook and (CBC News), the school suggests that 75% of 578 known graduates from the aerospace program continue to pursue jobs or post-secondary education in the aviation industry. Tec Voc's "creative arts" courses include vocations such as graphics, baking, culinary, photography, broadcasting, and many more. Students studying in these vocations get hands-on experience doing things for the students and staff in the school, working for clients, and participating in competitions such as Skills Canada. Just recently, Tec Voc graphics and photography students were given the opportunity to help and collaborate with the Winnipeg Breast Feeding Campaign. Students in graphics are also asked to create school merchandise on a daily basis.

Tec Voc recognizes the struggles and needs of teenagers when it comes to careers and job finding. The school offers assistance and opportunities to students. Within the school, the Business and Technology department runs a credit union for students. Since 2014, the Stingers Credit Union has granted over 100 students free-for-life chequing and savings accounts. Furthermore, the credit union is run by trained grade 11 and 12 accounting students, which allows them to get working experience as tellers. According to the Winnipeg School Division's website, in October 2017 the credit union was rewarded a 2017 Cooperative Youth Leadership Award. In addition to the credit union, students of Tec Voc are also offered a career education centre. Students get assistance there with job findings, mentorship programs, and building resumes. Tec Voc offers an apprenticeship program in which motivated students can experience paid, part-time, "on the job" training in a selection of 50 different trades. The mentorship program offered in grade 11 allows students to choose their area of interest, and get matched up with professionals in that area. 

If vocations and student assistance don't perk your interests, Tec Voc's special interest groups might. Tec Voc has several clubs and groups you can join in on for fun activities. The school offers a travel club, a dance and cheerleading group, Skills Canada opportunities, and many more. Tec Voc's travel club offers students an opportunity to travel and explore the world, from Mexico to Japan. The club helps educate students on new cultures, independence, and managing budgets in a new an unexplored area. Recently, they have planned their trips to educate students on countries involved in the Second World War. As mentioned earlier, another special interest students can join is Skills Canada. A number of students in different vocations participate to compete in Skills Canada each year. Many students from our school have made it to the provincial and national level in the past. The (Winnipeg Free Press) recognized six Tec Voc students that made it to the Skills Canada National Competition in May 2015. The (Winnipeg School Division) congratulated another five competitors who progressed to the nationals in 2017, with three competitors coming home with medals.

Compared to many other high schools, Tec Voc is one of the few schools in Manitoba that offer vocational courses. If you want "once in a life time" chances handed to you in high school, Technical Vocational High is the school for you. Tec Voc offers various vocational courses, student assistance and opportunities, and fun trips for those with special interests. We all only get one shot at life, so if you want to experience and invest in a memorable high school life – choose Tec Voc.

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