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Registration for Gr 9's Entering Gr 10

April 6, 2021

Here is a checklist for grade 9 students applying for grade 10 classes. Discuss the following points with your parents:

Review graduation requirements on page 9 of the course book.

In your browser go to and under School Registration Information select Online Registration.

  • Decide, do you want English, Geography and Science courses General, Specialized, or Enriched in grade 10? To take specialized English (ENGS2F), it is recommended you have 65% in grade 9 English (ENGR1F); to take specialized Geography (GEOE2F) it is recommended you have 70% in grade 9 Canadian Studies (SOSR1F); to take specialized Science (SCIS2F), it is recommended you have 60% in grade 9 Science (SCIR1F), and to take enriched IAPE2S, SCIE2F, or ENGE2S you need grade 9 teacher recommendation.
  • Discuss which Math stream is best for you. There are two different Math streams in grade 10. All grade 9 students that pass grade 9 Math (MATR1F) are eligible for Essentials Math (ESMR2S). A grade 9 Math mark of 65% is recommended for success in the Intro to Applied and Pre-calculus (IAPR2S) course. See pages 38 & 39 in course book.
  • Determine which electives you want to take by looking at the course book online. There are no prerequisites for any grade 10 elective classes. Select 8 option classes in order of preference, with 1 being the elective you want the most.
  • When selecting elective courses, it can be helpful to check out Post-Secondary requirements on pages 53-55 of the course book. It can also be helpful to speak with your teachers and/or your Guidance Counsellor throughout high school to help plan the best possible educational path.

    Use the chart on the back of this page to record your choices and bring this with you when you do your online registration.

Parents: Grade 9 students will fill out their registrations with a guidance counsellor in early-March. Once they do the registration session with their counsellor, review their choices and print your child's application, back to back if able, and sign both sides. Changes can be made in pen to the paper copy. You will also be printing the Informed Consent and Computer Usage documents which also need to be signed and returned with the registration. Additionally, you have the option of completing the Indigenous Identity Declaration and Ancestral/Cultural Identification forms for our records. Doing so opens doors to possible programing opportunities.

Please return all documents by 
Friday, March 19th, 2021.

Bring this with you for your Sisler online registration session

*Students will be considered for Enriched courses based on teacher recommendation. These courses are academically challenging.


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