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Registration for Students Entering Gr 11 & 12 in 2021

April 6, 2021


1. Go to the Sisler High School website and find the course book
· Select School Registration Information
· Select 2021-2022 Course Book
2. Review the graduation requirements on page 9 to ensure you are on-track with the correct number and type of courses.
3. Fill out the appropriate chart below to help you plan your courses.
4. Remember that some courses have recommended marks that should to be met to have the best chance of success in the next level course. Write in the course code for the course you plan to take
For example: ENGC3S = Comprehensive Focus English Grade 11 or PCMR3S = Pre-Calculus Math Grade 11
5. Select and record the 8 electives in order of preference on the chart below.


Once you have completed the preparation stage you may proceed to the online application process:

In your browser go to the and under School Registration Information select Online Registration.

Log in with your network user name.

The password is your student number.

Please read the Terms and Conditions page. (These must be accepted in order to proceed.)

You will begin with the Pre-Registration tab

1. Select "Academic Year" (2021-2022) and "School" (Sisler).

2. If you are a regular English program student, leave the next two tabs blank

If you are a French Immersion student then indicate this under the Program tab

Do not choose EAL classroom
 *If you are a student in the EAL program, please do not complete the online registration process right now. You will be doing it at a later date with Mr. Andruchuk to ensure you request the most appropriate courses.*

3. Click on Add Preregistration.

Move to the next tab called Course Requests
1. Select Preregistration School (Sisler--grade) and Graduation Diploma (English, French Immersion, Technology Education) 

  • Students may view courses they have already taken and courses still required for graduation in the Course History & Grad Requirements tab.
  • Course descriptions can be found by using the Course Book, found at by clicking the "Report" tab in the top right corner of the online registration page.
  • If you do not see the course you want to take listed in the drop down box, it may be because you do not have the prerequisite course.

2. Begin selecting your compulsory courses (these are the non-elective courses that you need to graduate). Fill in each box and click the Add Compulsory button when done. Do not use the priority option for your compulsory subjects. If filled out correctly the courses you have selected will now be listed underneath the dropdown boxes.

3. The next step is optional courses. Using the Course Code Description drop down menu you can select a specific subject you are looking for. Select 8 elective courses and make sure each selection is listed with a priority number 1-8, even if you do not require that many. After each optional course selection, click on "Add" to save your request.

4. Once you have completed selecting 8 optional courses, review all of your choices keeping in mind grad course requirements and your course history.

Be sure your parent/guardian sees your selections.
When you are completely finished and your parent/guardian has reviewed your requests, please select Finalize Preregistration.
A reminder window will appear at the top of your screen warning you that no changes can be made after you select the finalize button.

1. To print your registration form click on Report at the top of the page

2. Select the first option: Registration and Course Request Form - Sisler

3. Print:

  • back to back if possible
  • if you do not have a printer at home you can use the one in the guidance office or in the library

4. Have your parent/guardian review the personal information.

  • Please feel free to write on this page to update the information.
  • If there is any change in custody or status within the home, please be sure to inform the guidance office and provide legal documentation.

5. Then, have your parent/guardian sign:

  • Both pages of the registration application,
  • Complete and sign the Indigenous Identity Declaration or the Ancestral Identity pages if applicable. Doing so opens doors to possible programing.
  • Complete and sign the Informed Consent the Online Information Resources and the Additional Health Concerns pages.
  • That is possible parent/guardian signatures and 1 student signature in total.

6. Hand everything in to Ms. Piscasio in the Guidance Office.


Completed registrations should be handed in to Guidance by
March 19
th 2021.

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