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September 19, 2022

2022/2023 Teaching Staff 

Below is a listing of École Stanley Knowles Staff.  To email a staff member, please click on "contact".   

Andrea PowellPrincipalContact
Jessica Mayor-RodriguesVice-PrincipalContact
Classroom Teachers
Anneck, K.English - Grade 7Contact
Babynchuk, A.English - Grade 5-6Contact
Burokas, V.French - Grade 1Contact
Cadotte, I.French - Grade 3-4Contact
Clark, G.French - Grade 7Contact
Curtis, D.English - Grade 5-6Contact
Desilets, R.French - KindergartenContact
Fearn, A.French - Grade 3-4Contact
Ferreira, J.English - Grade 8Contact
Fowlie, K.French - Grade 7Contact
Greenberg, A.French - Grade 8Contact
Grypiuk, C.English - Grade 7Contact
Hoare, M.French - Grade 2-3Contact
Ives, J.French - Grade 5-6Contact
Khan, N.English - Grade 7Contact
Lewicki, J.English - Grade 5-6Contact
Ly, D.English - Grade 8Contact
Maskiw, S.English - Grade 8Contact
Masotti, M.English - Grade 1-2Contact
Mlinar, A.English - Grade 3-4Contact
Neumann, J.English - Grade 8Contact
Noordman, T.English - Grade 2-3Contact
Oulaid, O.French - Grade 8Contact
Peel, P.English - Grade 7Contact
Richer, A.French - Grade 4-5Contact
Ross, S.English - Grade 1-2Contact
Stefanec, A.English - Nursery/KindergartenContact
Thullner, P.English - Grade 8Contact
Van Cauwenberghe, L.English - Grade 8Contact
Versteeg, C.French - Grade 5-6Contact
Vicklund, T.English - Grade 7Contact
Wakshinski, L.English - Grade 7Contact
Specialist Teachers
Shannon AuldWoodsContact
Scott SmokePhys. Ed.Contact
Luke BarrGuidanceContact
Christie Bradshaw-BetkerPhys. Ed.Contact
Sima ChapmanMusicContact
Robbin DesiletsBasic FrenchContact
Alexis JohnstonFoodsContact
Nadia KmetArtContact
Caity LongTextilesContact
Maria ManacsaResourceContact
Gabriella MartensGuidanceContact
Stephen Oberheu/Dave RegierBandContact
Natalie QueauResourceContact
Kelly Van CaeyzeeleGraphicsContact

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