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Stingers Credit Union

April 7, 2021

Membership has its Benefits

We are happy to help you reach your goals.

Thank you for joining us!

3019_Assiniboine_KevinSitka169.jpgWe are very excited to welcome you as a new member to Assiniboine Credit Union through our partnership with Stingers Credit Union.  You have made a great choice in joining one of Canada’s most trusted financial institutions.  We look forward to helping you learn more about financial empowerment and ensuring access to a wealth of financial services.

As a member of Stingers Credit Union you receive all the benefits being an Assiniboine Credit Union member and you contribute to making your community stronger.  At Assiniboine Credit Union we embrace a broader mission of improving the quality of life for all of our members and our communities. A better, fairer, inclusive, sustainable world is what we are pursuing, and using our resources and abilities as a credit union is how we work toward that vision. 

Kevin Sitka
President and CEO

About Our Partnership

Thank you for choosing to become a member of Stingers Credit Union at Tec Voc High School.  You are making a positive difference to your financial well-being and your community.

We want the student body at Tec Voc to learn about financial literacy.  We want students to make appropriate decisions in managing their personal finances.  We will be offering regular workshops on a variety of financial topics of interests to students.  

The difference between a credit union and other financial institutions is that account holders are members - voting members of a cooperative.  Credit unions are better able to custom tailor their financial products and services to meet the needs of their members. The Student Accounts offered by Stingers is an example of a credit union's ability to meet the needs of their members.

You only require one piece of identification to open a membership.  The $5.00 share it normally costs to open an account is paid for you.  We are also pleased to offer you the following services:

- Free Chequing Accounts
- Free Savings Accounts

What’s even more special is that your chequing and savings accounts are free for the rest of your life.    Yes, even after you graduate, there is no charge for your accounts. 

Membership has its benefits. You are on your way to financial independence.  

Welcome to Stingers Credit Union. 

Free accounts for today and tomorrow

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