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Badminton Intramurals

April 11, 2023

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is that time of year where the students in grades 4 - 8 have been learning about the game of badminton during their Phys. Ed. classes.  The striking skill was the main focus as well as applying the rules and strategies to a doubles game.  As we transition into a new unit of Pickleball, students will be provided an opportunity to participate in Badminton intramurals.  Should your child wish to participate, they must return the form to Mr. Yaremkiewich prior to participating in any of the lunch hour activities.

The following rooms will be assigned to Tuesday's only.

Rooms 203, 303, 301, 307

The following rooms will be assigned to Friday's only.

Rooms 302, 304


Chris Yaremkiewich

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