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Physical Education - Mr Dunning

July 21, 2022

Basic movement skills are the building blocks on which all active play is based. They lay the groundwork for more complicated movement patterns and the enjoyment of physical activities. Your child will continually move along the continuum of basic movement skill development as a result of growth, development and opportunities for practice and physical play. Your child’s development will vary from one skill to another. 

The basic movement skills continuum consists of:

  • transport skills (run, jump, hop, gallop, skip)
  • manipulation skills (roll, throw, bounce, catch, kick, strike)
  • balance skills (static and dynamic)

Home Support

  • Enjoy physical activity together.  Walk, ride a bike or play an active game
  • Balance your child’s day with physical activities and play that is unstructured
  • Enjoy the game rather than the outcome
  • Minimize pressure that you put on your child’s performance
  • Limit the time watching television, playing video games or on the internet

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