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Field Day

February 4, 2021

Primary Field Day
Kindergarten to grade four students participate in fun-filled cooperative games and individual activities during the Primary Field Day.  Teams of eight to 12 students of mixed ages / grades are lead by grade five / six leaders through a variety of physical activities designed to encourage active living and celebrate developing locomotion skills.  The field day takes place during the month of June.  Nursery students will play one or two games in parallel during the Field Day.

Intermediate Field Day

The grade five and six students participate in a variety of individual, basic locomotion activities during the intermediate field day.  Cooperative games are played by each team as well, and the water activities provide welcome relief from the heat of the day.  Teams of eight to 10 students are created and the games begin.  These non-competitive activities are run by the staff and parent volunteers.  Intermediate field day is held during the month of June.

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