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Teachers Emails & Homerooms

September 12, 2022

Belief Statement:

Early Years - All students must be recognized as unique individuals and that their personal academic improvement will be valued first and foremost.

Middle Years - Each child will be assessed according to their unique learning style and that all positive efforts the child exhibits will be valued.   
Assessment will be continuous and cumulatively for each child at Niji Mahkwa School.  Parents will be educated about the assessment procedures and be an active part in their child's learning.
Student Led Conferencing is the process used for Parent/Teacher Interviews.

Teachers Emails & Homerooms 

Room 102 – N/K               Ms. G. Ong                              

Room 114 – Gr. 1/2         Ms. M. Solomon     

Room 115 – Gr. 1/2         Ms. M. Schalla        

Room 119 – TAP Gr. 1-3   Ms. L. Linklater     

Room 203 – Gr. 4/5         Ms. H. Shah             

Room 206 – Gr. 2/3         Ms. J. Frost & Ms. S. Sagriotis                    


Room 303 – Gr. 5/6         Ms. K. Kelly               

Room 305 – Gr. 5/6         Ms. K. Pastetnik      

Room 306 – Gr. 3/4         Ms. T. Jackson          

Room 312 – Gr. 7/8         Ms. C. Beardy           

Room 314 – Gr. 7/8         Ms. A. Levasseur     


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