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Our Vision

July 21, 2022

Niji Mahkwa School and Community upholds the belief that all children have an inherent right to the highest quality of holistic education. 

The integration of traditional, cultural teachings in a supportive learning environment will provide students with strengths and skills to meet the challenges of life.

Goals and Objectives:
  1. To provide the academic programming reflected in the Educational Standards and Outcomes as directed by the Province of Manitoba.
  2. To collectively develop and maintain a safe environment that will nurture in students self-worth, self-discipline, increased awareness of inner resources and a stronger identity. 
    1. To promote, develop and empower Family, Extended Family, Spiritual Guides and Teachers and Community members as equal partners with Rights and Responsibilities who will become pro-active participants in the education of our children.
    2. To nurture respect for Spiritual Guides and Teachers.
  3. To ensure the preservation, appreciation, and utilization of traditional languages by offering Cree and Ojibwe language instruction as compulsory subjects. Other languages may be offered in the future.
  4. To promote a balanced lifestyle by incorporating cultural teachings to meet the students spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental needs. These teachings will be based on the Seven Teachings as adopted by Niji Mahkwa Parents, Community, Staff, and Students:
  • Knowledge/Wisdom
  • Love/Peace
  • Honesty/Bravery
  • Honour/Respect
  • Courage/Integrity
  • Humility/Interdependence
  • Truth/Balance

Debbie Gould - Principal

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