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Prairie Rose Lunch Program Registration Information

June 1, 2023
Prairie Rose School Lunch Program Registration

In preparation for next year’s lunch program and ask that you review the brochure and complete the registration form and email it to in order to guarantee a spot in the program. Your payment will be due by September 15, 2023 by either 10 post-dated cheques or 1 cheque for the full year or cash payment for the full 10 months.

These fees will help to pay the workers who supervise your children at lunch. We still have some outstanding accounts and again remind families to pay any overdue fees.

Registration for next year will not be accepted if there are unpaid fees.

We know you appreciate the valuable and essential service provided by the lunch program and we appreciate your support to keep it running smoothly and effectively.

If you have any questions feel free to email Ms. Mendoza at

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