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January 5, 2023

 Room 208- Grade 1/2

Let's Explore Our Cultures

In our Grade 1/2 classroom, we have been learning about cultures. We know that culture means the special way of living that different people have. They may speak different languages, celebrate different holidays, eat different foods, wear different clothing, listen to different music, play different games, have different customs, traditions, etc. We have been learning about each other's culture. Each of us made our own shield and wrote about ourselves. We have had special visitors come to our class to share their clothing, music, games, etc. It has been so interesting and lots of fun to find out more about each other! 

Room 211

Science Fair 

Thank you to all the students of room 211 for your hard work leading up and during Science Fair! We are sure you have learned lesson and made memories that will stay with you for many years!

Alexandra and Payton who won Silver               Picture2.png                   Picture3.png
 Alexandra and Payton who won Silver    Khaycee and Raizel who won Silver    Raven and Jerome who won Gold

Mrs. Riccio's Workshops 

A huge thank you goes out to Mrs.Riccio for gracing us with her presence and sharing with us various Aboriginal lessons and activities. She is a former Educational Assistant  from Winnipeg School Division and continues to provide the community with so much important knowledge and information. The students had a great time and were all able to physically take something away from the experience. In a short period of time she took us through so many important Aboriginal teachings. We learned about the Medicine Wheel, The 7 Sacred Teachings, and The 4 Sacred Medicines and how they are used. Did you know that a braid represents strength? The three strands are woven together, representing the strengthening of the mind, body and spirit. How cool is that!

 The Workshops she planned and presented included:
  • Spirit Pouch Making
  • Spirit Animals Painting
  • Planting Sage in ceramic pots
  • Wooden Medicine Wheel necklaces 
Students experiences:

Antonio from room 211 shared, "It was interesting that we used deer hide to make the pouch and how some are made from different hides." He really enjoyed the whole workshop but was particularly interested in learning about Métis People.

Lilly from room 209 really enjoyed picking an animal for her painting and all the steps involved. She also shared, "I liked learning about the Medicine Wheel and all the different meanings."

Nicole from room 209 enjoyed tracing the animal she selected but what resonated the most  with her was how she was able to make connections with Aboriginal traditions and her Filipino roots.

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