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School History

December 16, 2021


River Heights opened its doors in 1947 as an elementary school, serving the "baby boom" generation. In 1954, it switched student clientele with nearby Robert H. Smith School and became a Junior High School in order to meet changing demographic needs. A growing student population led to the construction of a new wing in 1967 which included a library and a theatre. In 1975, River Heights School became one of the first in western Canada to offer courses in the French Immersion program. Today, at École River Heights School, new developments include the adaptation of facilities to accommodate physically challenged students. These include the installation of specialized washrooms, ramps and an elevator at the Grosvenor entrance. In September, 1995 École River Heights School became a Middle Years Facility for Grade 7 and 8 students. Each of these changes are visible reminders of an ongoing effort to adapt to meet students' needs.

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