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School History

January 25, 2024


Our School's History

École River Heights School has a rich history dating back to 1947 when it first opened its doors as an elementary school catering to the "baby boom" generation. In 1954, responding to demographic changes, the school transitioned to a Junior High School. The growing student population prompted the construction of a new wing in 1967, which included a library and a theatre.

In 1975, the school marked a milestone by becoming one of the first in western Canada to offer courses in the French Immersion program. Over the years, École River Heights School has continuously adapted to meet the needs of its students. In 1995, it evolved into a Middle Years Facility for Grade 7 and 8 students, introducing further changes to enhance the learning environment.

The commitment to inclusivity is evident in the school's facilities, with the installation of specialized washrooms, ramps, and an elevator at the Grosvenor entrance to accommodate physically challenged students.

In 2021, after five years as a candidate school, École River Heights School achieved a significant milestone by becoming the only International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme in the province. This reflects the school's dedication to providing a holistic and globally-focused education.

Throughout its history, École River Heights School has been a dynamic institution, adapting and evolving to meet the educational needs of its community. These changes serve as visible reminders of the ongoing commitment to fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment.


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