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Principal's Message

December 11, 2023

Welcome to Shaughnessy Park's School website.

To gain a sense of history of Shaughnessy Park School one must take a walk around the school buildings. Shaughnessy Park School originally opened its doors to the community in the year 1950. With the increase in student population came the inspiration for the second phase addition in 1963. An additional wing with a Daycare was added on June 10, 1975. The population increased again, and to accommodate grade 7 and 8, another wing was added that officially opened on October 15, 1987. The three additions have evolved into a sprawling physical space known as Shaughnessy Park School, home of the Shaughnessy Park Timberwolves.

Shaughnessy Park School has a fluctuating population of 460 students from Nursery to Grade 8 that includes three Right Programs: Primary, Intermediate and Junior High. The Right Programs are specialty programs geared for FASD children (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). The school is located in the northwest end of the city.

Shaughnessy Park is a diverse and inclusive environment where children are offered a variety of programs.  In addition, the school offers a wide range of programs including Aboriginal Scholarship, Art, Band, Sports, a Dramatic Arts and Technical program, and WASAC (Winnipeg Aboriginal Sports Achievement Centre). Shaughnessy Park School also provides a Parent Centre called “Our Gathering Place” which connects parents to the school community. The Parent Centre is coordinated by our Community Support Worker.

Shaughnessy Park School provides a caring environment where individuals are accepted, valued and safe. We provide opportunities for students to develop their potential, achieve academic success and meet future challenges. We encourage all students to show respect and act responsibly. We also promote the development of social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.  Students are encouraged to resolve problems and conflicts through discussion.  We value the cultures and traditions of every individual; parents and community are involved and we embrace learning as a life-long process.

Enjoy the school website and we look forward to your emails.

Tanis Westdal, Principal

Dazreen Paran, Vice Principal

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