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Special Ed - Inclusion

November 2, 2022

For specific information regarding the programs available at AMVC, please click on the menu to the left.

Life Skills Programs 

These programs are designed for students who have a moderate mental disability and are between the ages of 6 and 21. The students may also have one or more of the following disabilities/disorders: communication, physical or behaviour.  The goals of the program are to provide an individualized curriculum in functional academics, communication, self-management, social skill development, motor skills (physical), community awareness, leisure/recreation and pre-employment skills.

Locations of Programs:
Andrew Mynarski 

Daniel McIntyre


Gordon Bell 

Grant Park 

Hugh John Macdonald



St. John’s

Programs for Students with Very Severe to Profound Emotional/Behavioural Disorders  
Learning Assistance Centres (LACs) are designed for students who are in Grades 1-12 and who have severe emotional or behavioural disorders (EBD). Some of these students exhibit behaviour that requires intensive support and intervention. 
The major goal of the programs is to help the students develop the social, self-management, self-control and problem-solving skills that are necessary to re-integrate into the regular classroom and community. Some of the students may also have a modified academic curriculum.
Special Education Services – A guide for parents – Brochure:

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