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Art Program

September 20, 2023

Argyle Alternative offers Visual Art from grades 10-12 that follows the Manitoba Visual Arts Curriculum Framework and nurtures each individual student as a developing artist.  Students have the opportunity to learn clay; including wheel throwing, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, textiles, basic design, computer design and craft.  Creative projects allow students to develop technical skills in art making while challenging them to solve problems creatively. 

The art room is a welcoming place where students develop skills with materials used to make art and learn about art history, culture and diversity.  All skill levels are welcome. Students will develop more advanced skills with materials as they move through each grade level.  Working collaboratively with our whole school or individually, students have the opportunity to self reflect and develop a deeper understanding of their own creative process.

Located near the exchange district – the heart of Winnipeg's art district – Argyle values our collaborations with neighbouring art studios including Martha Street, The Edge Gallery and Graffiti Gallery.  In the warmer months, you'll often see us outside making art in our outdoor classroom or drawing on the banks of the river just outside our doors.  Argyle art students leave our program with a sense of accomplishment having developed and created individual works of art based on their own life and experiences.

The Visual Arts program provides a foundation for future post-secondary studies in Fine Arts, Communication, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Architecture, Education and Arts Administration as well as providing an opportunity for self-expression. 

Student Working.jpg                         Sample Pottery Cup.jpg

  Sample picture.jpg                                           Sample Art Mountain.jpg

Sample Pottery Plate.jpg                                              Pottery Sample Rose.jpg

     Sample Pottery student creation.jpg                  Potter Sample flower.jpg

                               Sample Art.jpg

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