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Mission and Vision Statement

November 3, 2022

Argyle staff and students are committed to building a community of learners who strive to create collaborative relationships, shared responsibility and mutual respect. 



Our vision is a school community where all staff and students:    

ü work to create a professional and supportive learning environment that supports the intellectual, emotional, and physical development of all members.


ü are present, active, and respectful participants in all individual, group and whole school learning opportunities.


ü can articulate and demonstrate an understanding of the learning targets and outcomes that accompany every learning experience.


ü strive for personal excellence and academic growth while learning to make good life choices and set personal goals for success.


ü recognize that it’s our actions more than our words that demonstrate our mutual commitment, responsibility and accountability.


ü create a community that acknowledges personal history, celebrates individuality and responds to student voice.


ü resolve conflict through collaboration and dialogue.


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