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General Wolfe Lunch Program

September 14, 2023

Updated 2023-09-14

Breakfast & Lunch Program:  *Permission Form Needed* (See link below)

  • Students will eat in their designated room from 12:20 pm-12:50 pm and will be supervised outside the school field from 12:50-1:20
  • Students can purchase food from the “Nook” menu on a daily basis 
  • Cost is $4 
  • You can pay by cash (EXACT CHANGE ONLY) 
  • A microwave will be available for students who bring their own lunch


  • Respect all students and staff
  • Clean up area and sanitize/wash hands before leaving the room
  • Ensure Lunch Program is enjoyable and safe for everyone
  • Students not following expectations will receive a warning and parent/guardian will be contacted
  • Students with repetitive disrespectful behaviour will lose lunch program privileges

Permission Form download

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