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Student's Comments

February 11, 2021

What our students think of their school

At General Wolfe, we instill academic excellence, encourage positive attitude, and expect respectful behaviour. Our students are proud to be attending General Wolfe and feel happy to be enrolled here. These are some of their comments:

"General Wolfe is a really good school. It offers a supportive and a trusting environment."

"There is a lot of work at General Wolfe, but what do you expect from a Junior High?"

"General Wolfe is a great learning school. I made good friends in no time."

"General Wolfe is very welcoming, the sports teams are very good, teachers are very nice."

"General Wolfe is tremendous. Teachers are cool but sort of strict. I made lots of friends."

"General Wolfe is really great. Teachers are nice and always help. The sports are great."

"GW is a good school and the teachers are cool and funny. It's a lot of fun."

"It's a blast at General Wolfe. It's awesome. The programmes are cool just like the sports."

"Teachers are nice and friendly. There is lots of activities such as basketball and Science fairs."

"General Wolfe is a great school and teachers are awesome. I’m having the time of my life."

"The activities at General Wolfe are really neat and interesting; teachers are very helpful. "

"General Wolfe is a great school and the teachers put an effort to help students."

" It’s a good school with lots of activities that are fun. It is better than other schools I was at."

" At General Wolfe, we have a great staff and many activities. It is so cool here."

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