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Glenelm School Code of Conduct

February 4, 2021

At Glenelm School we provide a safe, respectful, friendly, and caring environment for learning.
We foster productive and responsible citizenship by practicing personal responsibility, understanding, acceptance of others, cooperation, and teamwork.
We believe that a quality education is a life-long process involving physical, mental, emotional, and social development.
We believe that we need to develop creative thinking, a love for learning, self-esteem, and respect for others.
Students have the right to expect that...
· clear, relevant lessons will be presented, along with explanations for the evaluation procedures to be used.
· they will be able to work in a school atmosphere which is pleasant, orderly, respectful, and conducive to learning.
· school personnel will be accessible for extra help concerning courses, assignments, remedial assistance, and other school matters.
· teachers will prepare for class and mark and return assignments promptly.
· the principal will monitor the quality of instructional programs in the school. 
· they will be able to participate in a wide range of activities.
Students will be responsible for...
· attending school regularly and on time.
· being prepared for all classes by bringing required materials and completed homework assignments.
· completing any work missed due to absence.
· developing self-discipline, showing respect and courtesy for all people in the school community, respecting property.
· making the most of education opportunities through active classroom participation and involvement in other school activities.
· taking pride in their work, their appearance, and what they have accomplished.
· resolving conflicts and difficulties through discussion or by seeking assistance from school staff.
· taking pride in their school and helping to foster this feeling in other students.
· obeying and observing the law and all school rules of conduct including appropriate use of communication devices and online information resources.
Teachers have the right to expect that...
· students will attend classes regularly and on time, with homework assignments completed, and with appropriate materials.
· students will behave appropriately on school property and at school activities so as not to interfere with the learning and rights of others.
· the principal will provide leadership and support.
· they will have the positive assistance and cooperation of students, parents, and colleagues in the performance of their duties.
· everyone associated with the school will be treated with respect and courtesy.
· students will observe all school rules of conduct.
Teachers will be responsible for...
· planning and teaching assigned courses.
· establishing and maintaining learning environment which is pleasant, orderly, respectful, and conducive to students’ learning.
· evaluating student achievement and explaining the evaluation procedures to be used in each course.
· communicating information about student progress, attendance, and behaviour to students, parents, and administration.
· providing an environment that will  promote self-esteem.
· provide role models in establishing a positive tone in the school
· ensuring that students are referred to appropriate special services when necessary.
· Informing and teaching children about the Code of Conduct.
Parents have the right to expect that...
· teachers will provide effective instruction for students, display enthusiasm for learning, show respect for others and property.
· staff will enforce the Glenelm Code of Behaviour.
· staff will communicate with the home.
· the principal will exhibit leadership, provide support, and monitor the quality of instructional programs in the school.
Parents will be responsible for...
· providing  role models in order to establish positive values concerning achievement as well as respect for fellow students, school personnel, and  property.
· regularly discussing school matters.
· ensuring regular and punctual attendance and completion of all school assignments.
· contacting  the school if there are areas of concern.
· attending school events and meetings when possible, and  giving  positive support to the school.
Parents/Guardians with a concern relating to their children or school should contact the office in order to speak with the appropriate person.  The normal rule of communications for matters regarding classroom/student issues is with the classroom teacher, followed by Administration, if required.
At Glenelm School the staff will acknowledge the positive contributions of the students.  We will also ensure that when students behave inappropriately they will experience consistent, fair consequences.  At Glenelm School acceptable behaviour means following the Code of Conduct.
At Glenelm School the following is unacceptable:
· using, possessing or being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs at school
At Glenelm School the following will not be tolerated:
· gang involvement
· possessing a weapon of any kind
Students and staff must adhere to school policies respecting the appropriate use of electronic mail and the Internet prohibition of accessing, uploading, downloading or distributing materials that the school has determined to be objectionable.  Access to computers and the Internet is for educational purposes only. 
Bullying (the persistent physical or mental harassment of others) including Cyberbullying, will not be tolerated.
In the Winnipeg School Division and at Glenelm School, responses to misbehaviour may include:
1.   Discussion of the problem with conflict managers or mediators.
2.   Teacher/student discussion.
3.   Telephone conversation or personal interview with parent.
4.   Loss of privileges, e.g., recess, field trips, bussing, lunch program, etc.
5.   Time-out:  Student is removed for a short time from a setting in which he/she is having difficulty.
6.   In-school suspension:  Student will work in a designated area away  from other students.
7. Out of school suspension:  This is a very serious consequence which is imposed according to Winnipeg School Division policy.  A parent must accompany the child for an intake conference at the conclusion of the suspension.
8. If parents would like to appeal disciplinary decisions, or if they have any questions or concerns, please speak to the person who gave the consequence.  If not satisfied, please contact the principal and if still not satisfied, contact district superintendent.

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