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Parent Council

July 25, 2023

The Grosvenor School Association (GSA) is the Parent Council for Grosvenor School.
The GSA is a parent governed association whose mandate includes:

  • working with the school to prioritize school needs and raising funds to support them
  • running numerous fun family events during the year
  • enriching our school culture and community

Parent Volunteers make a difference at Grosvenor School!
All the events that the GSA runs require people’s time and effort. They just can’t occur without volunteers. Parents help to organize events as well as to volunteer on the day. Parents manage fundraisers as well as various individual projects. 

GSA meetings: are held once a month in the school.

Events run by the GSA:

The GSA employs staff to lead and run:

  • The Lunch Program and lunch supervision 

The GSA undertakes the following types of volunteer-run events:

  • Fun Lunch 
  • Family Pot Luck dinners
  • Peak of the Market Fundraiser
  • The Class Representative system
  • Winter Extravaganza (January or February)
  • June Fun Fair

2022-2023 GSA Officers

Co-Chairs: Laura Matlaschewski and Kaleigh Rosenblat

Vice-Chair: Greg Grahn

 Treasurer: Heather McLeod/Leslie Roy

 Secretary: Christina Penner

Lunch Program Coordinator:  Kaitlin Rhoden please contact at:

Contact GSA:


 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to share those with us at or come out to our monthly meetings.  We look forward to working alongside you all! 


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