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Lunch Program

September 16, 2022

Mission Statement

Inkster School Lunch Program provides a safe and respectful environment that is parent supervised, both indoors and out on the playground, during the lunch hour.

About our Program:

Inkster School Lunch Program is a non-profit service that is governed by the Inkster School Parent Advisory Committee. The Committee is involved in over-seeing the operation of Inkster Lunch Program in collaboration with the School Principal and the Lunch Program Coordinator.

Student enrollment in the lunch program averages approximately 100 students. It maintains a staff of 1 adult for every 20 children.  Lunch program fees provide the wages for appropriate Lunchroom Supervision. 
 Inkster School’s Lunch Program was established to assist:

  1. Families of students who live a long distance from the school 
  2. Families of  working parent(s) / parents attending school
  3. Families who, on occasion, need assistance with lunch arrangements. 


  • All students staying for lunch, full time or casual, must be registered in the lunch program. 
  • Lunch Program fees must be paid on the first school day each month.
  • The Inkster School Code of Conduct applies at all times.

 Fees and Payment 

Full Time Attendance:
$30.00 a month for each child
$75.00 a month for a family with 3 children
$90.00 a month for a family with 4 children

Payment for Inkster Lunch Program is due on the first school day of each month. Post-dated cheques are accepted. Receipts are sent home the day after payment is made.

Part Time Attendance:
$2.00 per day,  per child

Part time attendance is for students whose parent /guardian has appointments 2-3 times per month and cannot care for them over the lunch for them to stay at school for lunch.

Contact Christina Johnson at 204-791-8175 for more information.

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