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Grade 8 Homeroom 7 Mr. O'Reggio

July 21, 2022


Mr. O'Reggio is a Grade 8,  homeroom who also teaches Science, Math, Technology and English. We are a school that supports our students and builds on their strengths.

Bridge building

Students built bridges using only spaghetti and glue.

I Beam bridge.jpg

One of the groups built an I Beam bridge. Everyone was surprised at how much weight the bridge supported.


Truss bridge edit.jpg

Another group built a Truss bridge out of spaghetti and glue.


Grade 7 Technology


This past term students have been working on learning the basics of coding. They did a 20 hour coding workshop. This term students will be learning to work with Scratch and build their own programs.

Final Exams

Final math exams are on June 14.


Math Resources

icgen.gifAn online textbook and for science

icgen.gifKhan Academy

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