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Use of Device Policy

January 19, 2024

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

The staff at Isaac Newton have been noticing an increase in student cell phone for non-educational purposes during instructional timeWe understand the importance of staying connected with family members and friends however, we are also noticing that the use of personal devices is impacting student engagement and learning. 

We will be implementing a school-wide cell phone use policy using the following guidelines… 

  • All students will be asked to keep their cell phones in their backpacks or lockers during the instructional dayKeeping a phone in a pocket is not acceptable as it can be distracting when it vibrates or dings. 

  • Instructional day means 8:55 – 11:45 and 12:40 – 3:30. During these times, students must not have their phones out and in useThis includes in the halls during class change or while getting water or going to the washroom. 

  • Students may responsibly use their phones during the lunch hour. 

  • For the safety and comfort of all students, cell phone use in the bathroom will not be allowed at any time. 

  • Unauthorized phone use in class will be addressed as follows: 

  • I. One reminder will be given to put phone away 

  • II. Phone call to guardian 

  • III. Phone will be left in office 

We recognize that personal devices including cell phones can be useful classroom tools as calculators, taking pictures of assignments, research etc. Isaac Newton has devices including desktop computers, Chromebooks, and iPads that students can use for these purposes and moreClassroom teachers will provide devices to students as required to meet their learning needs. 

If families need to contact students in an emergency, we ask that you please contact the school where your child will immediately be notified, and we will provide an opportunity for them to speak with youStudents will be able to respond to family texts during the lunch hour. 

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