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Principal's Message

February 22, 2021


Isaac Newton School provides a positive school environment for students to grow and mature academically, socially and emotionally. Students have the opportunity to develop their potential in a safe, caring learning environment with a staff that are committed to meeting the needs of every student. Staff have a strong understanding of the academic, social and emotional needs of students at this stage of adolescent development.

Isaac Newton School provides strong academic co-curricular and extra curricular programming and activities that are equitable and accessible to all learners.

At Isaac Newton School, students learn teamwork, commitment and citizenship. Their voice as students is encouraged and celebrated through all our programming. Helping students become inquisitive, socially and environmentally responsible citizens is a priority of the school.

Communication between Isaac Newton School and families is an important, crucial part of supporting our students. We encourage you to contact us with any questions and concerns.

We look forward to working together during the school year.

Mohammad Rezai, Principal
Julie Popke, Vice Principal
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