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Visual Arts Teacher Mr. Barber

February 4, 2021

Mr. Barber is the homeroom teacher for Grade 9 students in Room 27. Mr. Barber is also the Visual Arts teacher at Isaac Newton School.


Grade 7 Art:  Students will be introduced to the elements of art and design (colour, value, line, shape, and texture) through the exploration of a variety of media.  Throughout the term, students will work on assignments involving drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking.  The culminating term project will be a class mural, for which students will generate a collective theme and complete individual visuals.

Grade 8  Art:  Students will build upon their understanding of the elements of design by learning new techniques, working with a variety of media, and completing projects that focus on originality and self-expression.

The course will  include design projects, creative problem solving assignments, and a thematic unit on Ancient Civilizations that is connected to the Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum.

Grade 9 Studio Art :  An intensive studio course learning the basics in ceramics, painting, drawing, sculpture, digital art  and print making.  There is an expectation of 15 minutes homework after each class working on sketchbooks.  We will also be working on researching one career in the field of art, and one long term project that will be done in stages.

Grade 9 Leisure Art : Students will be planning and creating large murals for the hallways of Isaac Newton.  This will include going to Graffiti Gallery, a mural tour of a Winnipeg neighbourhood, as well as studying mural art from around the world.  We will cover methods of taking ideas to the wall, looking at murals and the law, and how to be a professional mural artist.



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