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Grade 7 Homeroom 14 Mr. Tahimic

January 16, 2022


When some people hear the word Math they think, "Ugh, I suck at Math" or "I hate Math". My goal here in Grade 7 math, is to help you see that YOU CAN DO MATH! You can do hard things and hopefully we can make it 1% more enjoyable than before.

In our classroom, we do a lot of "Thinking Classroom" learning. Students will mainly work in random groups working on problems that build on top of each other. Students will participate in a practice where they will be standing at a safe distance from each other working on non-permanent vertical surface.


In science we will explore the four exciting topics of Ecosystems, The Earth's Crust, Particle Theory of Matter, and Forces and Structures!

Some highlights that students enjoyed last year were, making bridges, dissecting frogs, and creating miniature house of cardboard!

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