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C.A.P. Awards

April 14, 2022

​​The C.A.P. Awards are unique to Isaac Newton School.  Three times a year, teachers in every grade, in each homeroom, select a student to win a C.A.P. Award.  The teacher of the award winner writes a brief paragraph about the student, which is published in the newsletter. The award winning students are given a t-shirt and recognition at a school-wide assembly.   

The student selected should have the following atributes:

C  -  Citizenship - A student who is willing to be helpful all individuals in the building.

A  -  Attitude - A student willing to learn and try new things as well as making an effort to improve attendance, school work and behavior. 

P  -  Participation - A student who models to other students that it is COOL to try all subject areas even in not adept in the subject area.


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