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February 5, 2021

​​​What is PBIS?

 Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an approach to teaching and supporting positive behaviours and meeting the needs of ALL students.  This school-wide approach to discipline focuses on building a safe and positive environment in which all students can learn.

The foundation of PBIS at Isaac Newton School is based around supporting the five building-wide expectations, or anchors. 

Students are asked to ‘Invest in ISAAC’:

INITIATIVE   Take Action

SAFETY   Make Safe Choices


ACHIEVEMENT   Complete Your Task 

CITIZENSHIP   Demonstrate Positive Behaviours

To be successful, our behaviour program needs to be a partnership between home and school.  Throughout the school year the PBIS school team will send updates and information about PBIS.  We invite your comments, concerns and ideas to make PBIS work at our school.
Please support PBIS at Isaac Newton by:
* Reviewing behaviour expectations with your child
* Signing and returning the behaviour matrix slip sent home with your child
* Using the five expectations at home
* Providing positive reinforcement (rewarding good choices with compliments or quality time) at home
* Sharing comments with, or asking questions of, PBIS team members
* Joining our Parent Council to learn more about Isaac Newton School.
Together we can achieve more! 
In addition to our behaviour expectations, PBIS has four other components: 
1) a behaviour matrix which explains behaviour expectations in each school setting 
 2) direct teaching of the expectation
 3) PBIS recognition slips (Our GOTCHA Draws)
 4) behaviour tracking (pink) sheets to record and address inappropriate behaviours.
Behaviour Matrix
 * The behaviour matrix is a detailed description of expected behaviour in each setting of the school.  (Also called Common Area Expectations). For example, in the lunch room, Citizenship might be being respectful and saying “please” and “thank you”, or Accountability would be being responsible and cleaning up after yourself.
* The full matrix (also included on the next few pages) will be posted in classrooms and around the school.
Teaching Expectations
* Throughout the school year, students will be taught how to behave according to the five expectations.  Teachers will help students learn what the expectations “look” and “sound” like in every setting during the school day.  These lessons will be re-taught and reinforced throughout the school year, and become a regular part of our instructional program.
PBIS Recognition Slips (Gotcha! Slip)
 * Acknowledging and reinforcing positive behaviour is one of the best ways to change inappropriate behaviour and encourage appropriate behaviour.  At Isaac Newton School each student will earn a Gotcha slip for ‘Investing in ISAAC’ and meeting behaviour expectations.  There are weekly draws for prizes using these slips students have earned.
Behaviour Tracking Sheet
* Even with clear expectations and positive reinforcement, sometimes students will misbehave.  To address inappropriate behaviour, a Behaviour Tracking Sheet has been implemented.  Discipline issues are divided into Report and Referral infractions.  Referral Infractions are issues that result in office time where administration investigates.


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