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Share The Magic

February 4, 2021

​​IMG_2697.JPGChristine Melnick, a former librarian herself, is now the MLA for Riel and established the 'Share the Magic Book Giveaway Program'.  The intent is to give every child or student the opportunity to select up to four books which they can keep, free of charge.  Ms. Melnick has given away more than 65,000 baby board books, picture books, young adult fiction and non-fiction books since 2007 when she began the program.

The books come from First Book Canada, an organization that has distributed over 100 million books throughout Canada and the United States to programs and schools at very low rates.

IMG_2716.JPGIsaac Newton School students were again allowed to choose from a large supply of books that were bought to the school and processed by our Gr. 9 Leadership students.

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