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Isaac Newton Staff

January 26, 2024

It is the responsibility of the Isaac Newton School staff to:

  1. Deliver Manitoba Provincial Curriculum and engage in regular professional development to keep current with emerging best practices in teaching and learning.
  2. Establish and maintain a welcoming learning environment in the school that is safe, respectful and conducive to learning.
  3. Evaluate and assess student achievement and involve students in the evaluation process.
  4. Maintain open communication between home and school.
  5. Provide students with a wide variety of co-curricular activities and provide alternative programming that is respectful of the unique and diverse needs of all students.
  6. Use all available resources offered by the school, division, province and community to engage and enhance the learning of all students.
  7. Use student assessment data to individualize learning goals for students.



Ms. T. Stevenson


Ms. J. Popke

Vice Principal

Guidance Counsellor

Mr. J. Fofanah


Ms. A. Lalor

Clerical Staff

Mr. E. Arevalo

Head Secretary

Ms. C. Mikus

Front Office Clerk

Grades 7/8 Teachers

Mr. J. Datuin

Room 1

Mr. N. Dhalla

Room 7

Mr. D. Edinborough

Room 5

Mr. J. Liewicki

Room 15

Ms. S. Marnoch

Room 8

Mr. B. Mirzapour

Room 17

Mr. H. O'Reggio

Room 16

Mr. A. Tahimic

Room 14

Grade 9 Teachers

Ms. S. Bourbonnais

Room 33

Mr. M. Pillay

Room 27

Mr. J. Wolfe

Room 28

Multi Grade Classes

Mr. J. Beach

Room 21

Ms. L. Regehr

Room 13

Phys. Ed Teacher

Mr. J. Fast

Music/Band Teacher

Mr. P. VanderHout

Art Teacher

Mr. K. Barber

Room 9

Educational Assitants

Ms. B. Bage

Ms. K. Mohammed

Ms. M. de Castro

Ms. J. Monaco

Ms. R. Dingalan

Ms. K. Nguyen

Mr. C. Eke

Mr. T Nguyen

Mr. J. Gill

Ms. F. Nikrad

Ms. U.Gupta

Ms. J. Pandher

Ms. A. Gushulak

Ms. P. Perez

Ms. K. Hebert

Ms. K. Ramirez

Ms. B. Kaur

Ms. A. Rondeau

Ms. A. Mohamed

Mr. J. Santos

Clinical Support Services

Ms. J. McRae

Social Worker

Mr. R. Cox

School Psychologist

Ms. E. Hazendok


Ms. L. Lisanti

Speech/Language Pathologist

Inclusion Support (North District)

Ms. P. Gill

Community Support Worker

Ms. T. Friesen

Community Transitions Program

Mr. J. Myskiw

Vocational Trainer

Ms. N. Saggar

Educational Assistant

Ms. K. Schan

Educational Assistant

Custodial Staff

Mr. C. Do

Head Caretaker

Mr. K. Josan

Assistant Caretaker

Mr. M. Jazeel

Evening Custodian

Ms. L. Reis

Evening Custodian


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