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ASD Program Room 13

December 21, 2023

GOAL: To Improve social interactions, communication, and minimize the impact of restricted behaviours

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Program: is a caring, structured and individualized learning environment designed for students who have been diagnosed with ASD, including deficits in communication, social interaction, daily living skills, and intellectual disability. Our program focuses on supporting students in achieving growth in academics, communication, self-management, social and daily living skills.


Ms. Linda Regehr


I am the ASD program teacher at Isaac Newton School. Prior to coming to Isaac, I was an inclusion support teacher, a resource teacher, and an early childhood educator. We have 10 students in our class, all boys, and the staff and I are enjoying learning from them, and working with families to develop a range of skills such as improving communication, navigating safely in the community, and exploring a variety of experiences both in the school and in the community. Throughout the year, we will acknowledge the seasons and a variety of cultural celebrations, as well as birthdays! see photos



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