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Roots and Shoots

July 22, 2022


Act Locally, Think Globally.

What types of projects do Roots & Shoots members do? 

Projects can be simple - individual efforts such as recycling your family's trash, or larger group efforts requiring a lot of people-power - like organizing to clean up a major urban park. Any project that helps the human community, preserves the lives of animals or improves the environment, fits within the Roots & Shoots goals. 

Here are some examples of action that our groups have taken:

  • Food or clothing drive
  • Helping at an animal shelter
  • Help out at local senior centers
  • Plant butterfly gardens, build bird houses, etc.
  • Educate others about endangered species
  • Promote practices to reduce household energy use.

Projects can also be global in scope (e.g. the Leading Light Initiative, raising money for chimpanzees in our sanctuaries).

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